Cometsa is an organization faced with a dynamic and expanding market, a highly competitive environment in which product innovation drives growth, and human capital investment drives business sustainability. For the company to compete effectively in a globally influenced environment, it is necessary we become more competitive and capable of behaving in a strategic fashion.

Cometsa initially conducted business as a community based development venture, and through growth has developed into a progressive organization, incorporating the demands and complexities of a corporate type enterprise.

Cometsa’s strategy defines how the clients’ organizations manage their resources towards the achievement of business objectives – setting priorities for action. It provides a directional plan of action for managing the change and assists in giving direction to the following question: how can the clients’ organizations ensure that it will have sufficient and suitable resources, organized appropriately, managed effectively, and focused on customer requirements?

VISION: Innovative Solutions, Superior Quality Products, and Professional Service Delivery

MISSION: Winning with our customers and all other stakeholders; Holistic Human Capital Development & Retention; Technical & Administrative Competence; Individual & Organizational Accountability; Ethical & Inclusive Management Practices; and Progressive & Transformational Leadership


  • Diversity:  We are made of different cultures, backgrounds, ethnic groups, religions, gender, and beliefs. We value our diversity.
  • Harmony:  We create the environment that is harmonious to our members, staff, management, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • Cultural understanding:  Our culture and traditional beliefs and practices form the corner stone of our beings.
  • Professionalism:  Everything we do, we do with absolute professionalism. We do not believe in mediocrity.
  • Creativity:  In order to ensure that our organization and its staff continue to grow, we encourage creativity at all times.
  • Efficiency:  We do not perform tasks just to meet the deadlines, but to be economical in doing so.

COMETSA Motto: HERITAGE to HERITAGE: We take care of our heritage from generations to generations.

COMETSA Philosophy: The Mind, The Journey, The Destiny (We apply our MINDS to the JOURNEY that takes us to our DESTINY

  • The Mind:  plugged & active mind, sharing mind, futuristic mind, and inquiring mind.
  • The Journey:  aggressive promotion & selling of our ideas, give as we learn & earn, retain & invest our learning/earnings, and search for new opportunities
  • The Destiny: productivity & profitability, social responsibility & staff caring, growth & sustainability, and renewal & survival