COMETSA Mafrika Band: Cometsa Mafrika Band was launched on the 20th January 2007, at Klopper Park Community Hall, Kruin Str, Klopper Park, during the Cometsa Mafrika Nexus Music Shows 2007. We are operating from Ekurhuleni Metro in Gauteng Province, South Africa.

COMETSA Mafrika Studios: Cometsa Mafrika Studios is a facility featuring state-of- the- art recording equipment, enhanced by the latest audio –based software sourced from the best manufacturers in the world. Cometsa Mafrika Studios, hatch the tastes of any progressive recording artists. Our location is in the quiet Klopperpark, Isando, in Ekurhuleni Metro, Gauteng Province, offers a true recording dream. A list of tried and tested resident engineers makes sure that clients are afforded adequate, professional assistance.

COMETSA Mafrika Academy: The academy is established through our affiliate music training institutions where our chair and president continues to play a role through his human capital development expertise. Through the collaboration with the leading music academies we continue to identify interns for live performances with leading musicians.

COMETSA Music Production & Engineering: The best music can only be as good as the expertise behind its creation – the engineer. From our resident engineer and available list of music experts we possess the know-how to record any music form to final product with the best international quality. Our music production team comprises of experienced ears, hands and minds in the recording business. The team understands African music as it were, as it is and as it would be. Afro Soul, Afro Jazz, Afro Gospel, Afro Choir, Afro Reggae, it’s all in the fix; you just have to be in the mix. We will not only ensure that songwriters and composers receive payment when their compositions are used commercially. Through publishing contracts, songwriters or composers automatically “assigns” the copyright of their composition to us. In return, we license compositions, help monitor where compositions are used, collect royalties and distribute them to the composers. We also secure commissions for music and promote existing compositions to recording artists, film and television. We will make sure that the copyrights owned and administered by us are one of the most important forms of intellectual property in the music industry. We also deal with copyright on a master recording.

COMETSA Artists Forum: As we build tangible networks, Cometsa Mafrika Music Enterprises (in partnership with Cometsa Mafrika Development Agency, a section 21 non-profit organization) runs an Artists Forum mixing together the established and aspirants in the African music arena. We believe that information exchange and depositing of the same with a view to advance the creative intensity of African artists is the breeding ground of ideal growth and development of African arts.

COMETSA Music Festivals: The key to opening employment opportunities and new markets for the multitudes of regional musicians and a vibrant manner to consume the music in addition to being a powerful conduit for creative exchange among artists. Music festivals have potential to further inspire artists while visiting audiences will be enriched by the multiplicity of cultural forms at play. The Cometsa Music Festivals is another partnership between Cometsa Mafrika Music Enterprises (Pty) Ltd, Cometsa Mafrika Development Agency (NPC), and Cometsa Events Management (Pty) Ltd.