COMETSA’s competitive advantage is utilising its resources and capabilities effectively resulting in a superior value to its customers. The organisation’s key resources are professional talented individuals, know how (experience) and its reputation in the industry while its capabilities are the ability to utilise its resources effectively and delivery in scheduled time and costs. It also has a professional network and strategic partners from which it sources additional required capacity. It has membership of a number of professional bodies.

Under human capital solutions offering we cover the following: Talent Grooming; Management & Leadership Development; Human Resources Advisory Services; Human Capital Consulting; Learning & Development Consulting; High Performance & Assessment Centre; Organization Development & Design; Cooperative Education & Work Integrated Learning Programmes; Employee Well-Being & Assistance Programme; and Talent Mobility & Employee Relocation;

The consulting approaches applied by COMETSA are informed by our TRIAD Human Capital Consulting Model, which seeks to strike a balance between the desires of the Communities from which companies draw their talent, the Institutions of Learning where education and qualifications for the industry are acquired, and inside the Companies where Talent is deployed and nurtured.

The interfaces between these three areas are called Human Capital Development Bridges:

  • Learning Readiness: Community – Institutions of Learning Bridge (1st Bridge)
  • Work Integrated Learning/Employment Readiness: Institutions of Learning – Employing Organizations Bridge (2nd Bridge)
  • Socio Economic Development: Employing Organizations – Community Bridge (3rd Bridge)
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