SPORT CLUBS: The first club to be established, and in fact gave birth to the Cometsa Group as a whole, is Cometsa Jane Furse Sekhukhune FC (Pty) Ltd, originally known as 1.FC Cometsa Goldstones 1997. The club is made up of the following divisions: Amateur Division (Youth, Community Outreach, and Schools Outreach), Delight Division, Action & Indoor Division, Male Professional Division, Ladies Professional Division, and Legends Division

SPORT CONSULTING: Our sport consulting offering is the backbone of the company. It is a source of ideas generation, innovation, creativity, and competitiveness through techniques like brainstorming, mind-mapping, dialogues, meta-plans, and conversations.

SPORT MENTORSHIP: Cometsa sport mentors are available to establish direct and indirect relationships with the athletes and their sport clubs, managers and leaders on a nominal fee, to monitor the application of the acquired knowledge. They help the managers and leaders to achieve their sport objectives and cope with the challenges that are encountered in their business of sport.

SPORT ADVISORY: Cometsa sport advisors, will on an on-going basis, advice the athletes, managers and leaders on how to cope with the pressures of being the professional sport practitioners.

SPORT MOTIVATIONAL SPEECHES AND TALKS: Cometsa field consultants organise and coordinate regular sport motivational sessions at various regions. They present motivational speeches and talks to the players, members, supporters, fans, managers and leaders of sport organizations.

SPORT CLINICS: Cometsa trainers, coaches, sport development specialists, and practitioners undertake trips to the regions to offer sport clinics. The purpose is to assist the sport trainers, coaches, administrators, managers, and leaders with their training and coaching programmes.

PUBLIC SESSIONS: Cometsa hold public sessions with the members of the public on topics like sport development, administration, management, and leadership. This includes talks and interviews with radios, television, newspapers and/or by addressing public forums.

SPORT INFORMATION: We focus on using technology and conventional methods to disseminate information to its clients, stakeholders and beneficiaries. Partnership and networking with other information providers locally, nationally, and internationally makes it possible to be a trusted source of sports related information, knowledge, services and networks.