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We apply our MIND to the JOURNEY that takes us to our DESTINY

COMETSA Value Proposition

We help organisations identify human capital and management capabilities needed to accomplish the organisation’s business goals, secure senior management support for the development processes, develop tailored management development interventions which are aligned with the business needs, introduce integrated coaching & mentoring for performance, and achieve individual & organisational accountability.

Training & Development

Training Needs Analysis:  Effective training and development depends on knowing what results are required for individual, department and organisation. 

Personal Development Planning:  Development is a lifelong process of nurturing, shaping and improving skills, knowledge, and interests in order to enhance effectiveness and adaptability, and minimise the chance that skills might become obsolete or made redundant.

Work-Integrated Learning (WIL)

Industry Skills Development Prgramme forms part of Cooperative Education offerings.  The key elements of the programme are:

– Work- Integrated Learning (Wil)

– Employability & Readiness Training

– Skills Developmentf

Continuous Professional Support

Coaching is effectively used as one of a range of learning activities when a client has potential that can best be developed through a focused relationship with the coach.

Mentoring is a relationship in which one person (the mentor) – usually someone more experienced and often more senior – helps another (the mentee) to discover more about his or her personal qualities, capabilities and potential.

Change Management

“The only thing that is constant is change”, Heraklit of Ephesus (about. 540 – 48 BC.)

Change Management involves conception, planning, organisation, implementation, control and stabilisation of the change processes of an organisation, with the aim to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes and to reach the wide possible acceptance by managers and employees.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning provides an organisation with a frame-work for:  understanding its position in the market place, moving forward with a sense of direction, purpose and urgency, focusing on issues such as quality, productivity and customer satisfaction, improving motivation, communication, and changing to deliver required results.




Diversity Management & Inclusion

Create Culture that values Diversity & Inclusion

Facilitates Implementation of Diversity Management

Introduce Diversity Management practices based on respect and dignity

Remove Cosmetic Practices out of the organisation; promotes employment and advancement opportunities.

Employment Equity 

Develop and share common understanding of employment equity challenges facing the organisation.  Achieve a commitment to develop a comprehensive Employment Equity Programme and a culture of team work among the members of the Employment Equity Forum.

Recruitment & Selection 

Permanent Staff Recruitment Services:  Our services offering is classified into Basic Recruitment, Professional Placements, Executive Search, and Talent Management.

Student Recruitment Programme:  Our student recruitment programme entails partnership with the institutions of learning, conducting employability development programmes, mentoring, career coaching & mentoring and evaluation while at the places of work.

Global Talent Mobility 

Visa and work permit applications and extensions; look and see support; pre-assignment orientation; expatriate orientation and socialisation; house/accommodation search; negotiations with the landlords; completion and renewal of lease agreements; temporary house/accommodation; hotel/ apartment bookings; property inspections; utilities facilitation; security audits, inspections and installations; assignments completion; coaching; and repatriation services.


It is very difficult to create and development knowledge as an isolated individual.  Every time one engages in a group dialogue new throughts emerge.  That is the power of collective thinking.  We are confident that our LEKGOTLA Networks are the common source of insights for opinion makers, and other practitioners in search of diverse and fresh perspectives that will inform and transform our world.

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